Non Alcoholic Events

Red Frogs Do Non-Alcoholic Events

Many student committees across New Zealand seek non-alcoholic event support. Red Frogs work with students to suggest ideas for non-alcoholic social events and activities to run in their residences throughout the year, also looking at how they can add value to these events and offer support during events to ensure they’re successful.

With the right ideas, alcohol-free events can be as, if not more, popular than traditional events. They facilitate incorporation of international students, underage students and non-drinkers; they can also attract sponsorship and lessen the risk placed on organisers.

Contact your local Red Frog Rep to get them in to go through your events program and look at brainstorming some different non-alcoholic events and to also ensure they’re the most talked about events for the whole year!

Hints and Tips For Running Non Alcoholic Events

Here are some tips that we’ve found when running alternative events that don’t contain alcohol:

  • If student club leaders & residential advisors back the event enthusiastically and encourage participation, the rest of your college will be psyched for it too. Talk non-alcoholic events up and set an expectation of awesomeness.
  • The focus of alcohol must be shifted to something else. Centre your events around food or activities so no one notices the lack of booze.
  • Get sponsorship for non-alcoholic events. Your head of college or university may be keen to sponsor the event to encourage alcohol-free events at your college. Government departments in charge of liquor licensing and health also often get on board to promote non-alcoholic events.
  • Give your Red Frog rep a call! We can help organise events, send a team where you need waiters or judges, help seek sponsorship and prizes and provide buses for activities like cafe crawls, depending upon your location. Just ask us and we'll see what we can do for you!