Here Is What People Say

“We, here at Brock University Students' Union (BUSU), are greatly appreciative and honored to have partnered with Red Frogs since 2009. Red Frogs' vision and dedication to fostering a safe and fun environment for students is truly commendable. Their support in its many forms has helped to make our O-week events run smoothly and their ongoing positive and selfless commitment to students is also felt throughout the school year. The ongoing message and commitment of Red Frogs is also very valuable in setting a good example to our students, and teaching that fun and responsibility can go hand in hand. It is organizations like Red Frogs that help to make the extracurricular university experience a positive one for many students, and for this we are very grateful. We, at BUSU, are extremely proud to be the first university in Canada to have experienced the "Red Frog Craze", and we look forward to continuing this fantastic relationship for years to come. On behalf of BUSU, I offer full support of the organization, and would highly recommend the organization to any student association wishing to improve the "student life" experience of their students.”Dawid Grewal, President, Brock University Student Union

“Thanks again so much for your help during orientation week! You guys are seriously awesome!” Jayne Stewart, Vice President, Brock University Student Union