I'm an Event Organiser

What We Do

Red Frogs supply volunteers to festivals and events with a “hydration station” which aims to support security, ambulance staff, event organisers and of course the patrons themselves. Hydration stations are a designated area which has water, food and an area for patrons to take some time out. On top of staffing this hydration station Red Frog Volunteers will roam the festival giving out icy poles and frogs. This means that we become extra eyes and ears at the event looking for any potential critical situations or circumstances. 

Specific things we can offer you

Primarily what we provide is a designated area where patrons can come and get water, icy poles and red frogs. The icy poles are 99% water based and are a great way to get rehydrated.

Secondly the Red Frog hydration station is a friendly first point of contact for patrons, and our subsequent referral to other event services if necessary.  Additionally, we provide an extra set of eyes in the crowd that ultimately makes the job of Event staff, Security, First Aid providers and Personnel more focused.


To the patrons our service is free. All that we ask for is that is a donation which covers the resources that are handed out on the day (upon contact we can advise you how much this cost will be).