Andy Gourley


From an accountant by day and skateboarding youth worker at night Andy Gourley saw a need for young people to be safeguarded and in his own words ‘just did something’ to meet that need. 

Andy Gourley is the founder and director of Red Frogs Support Network.  Red Frogs are responsible for recruiting 2000 volunteers nationally and internationally each year to provide support and a positive peer presence in large gatherings of young people.  

Andy Gourley will challenge the way you think about young people today and how you can influence their culture. 

“Young people want to belong. They want to fit. They want to be accepted. I think there is a big challenge to become something you’re not, to compromise your own personal convictions or standards to be accepted, which is sad, particularly around the grog and Aussie culture. 

I love young people who are actually counter-culture. Who don’t accept the reliance on a drug to have a good time.

Culture is learnt, so it is taught. Young dudes hardly ever do what you say but they do what you do.” 

The modelling of culture and of behaviour is very much a part of Andy’s personal approach to interacting with young people and Andy readily shares his stories and principles on culture change with audiences nationally and internationally.  Andy’s approach is raw and real, he provides realistic strategies on “Becoming the answer you want to see around you.” 

Andy was awarded the ‘Local Hero of the Year’ Award in 2004 and is highly acclaimed for his direction and leadership not only in Red Frogs Australia but in providing strategic direction for youth ministries nationally and internationally.

Andy is a local pastor at Citipointe Church Brisbane, and along with his wife and 3 beautiful children is driven to ‘safeguard this generation of young people.”